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Young Entrepreneurs Candle Candy Store🍭

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Calling All Young Entrepreneurs!!!

Does your son or daughter want to take the world of entrepreneurship? Do your young Children or Teens want something fun to sell during late Spring & Summer months? Well this option would be great for them to own a Candle Candy store.

What is a Candle Candy Store? This is my wholesale option for kid & teen entrepreneurs or for those that just want to make some extra cash for summer outings, vacations, apparel, etc. All candles are Youth inspired scents that’ll remind you of going to your favorite Candy store on a hot summer day.

Candle Candy Store Fragrances: (16oz Mason Jars @$13 per Jar. Your Profit 50% = $6.50 per Jar Sold) 

*Gummi Bears

*Bubble Gum

*Grape Bubble Gum

*Dill Pickle 

*Jelly Beans


*Blue Raspberry Slushy

*Cherry Slushy


*Hawaiian Punch

*Pink Lemonade

*Rock Candy

*Ham & Cheese Sandwich

*Watermelon Lemonade

*Oreo Cookies N Creme

*Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

*Watermelon Hard Candy

*Green Apple Jolly Rancher



*Sour Watermelon Candy 

*Sweet Tarts

*Chocolate Chip Cookies

*Peanut Butter Cookies


*Rice Krispie Treats 

*Chocolate Bar

*Corn Chips

* Salt Water Taffy

*Brownie Batter

*Strawberry Milkshake

*Fruit Loops Cereal

*Captain Crunch Cereal

*Cocoa Puffs Cereal

•Fruity Pebbles Cereal


-WAX ICE CREAM SCOOP CUPS: (Colorful Ice Cream Cups with mini Spoons-3 Wax Scoops per cup @ $10 per cup. Your Profit 50%= $5 per cup sold)

*Rainbow Sherbet

*Orange Sherbet

*Banana Split

*Chocolate Mint

*Summer Scoop (Strawberry)

*Coffee Bean Ice Cream

(Optional Wax Toppings: Pecans, Fruit Cocktail, Half Strawberry’s, Marshmallows, Bananas, Blueberry’s, Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Syrup, Caramel Syrup)


If you are interested please email for a order pdf form. All you do is print the order flyer, collect your money and order forms, place order with Macalicious, & thats it! It’s that simple! Open your Candle Candy Shop today & SOAR!